Diet Industry Dropout!

If you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, it’s not because you were born to feel that way about yourself. That feeling comes from the million dollar diet industry that tells you through advertising that you’re not right, that you need to change and you should pay someone to make that happen. Your thoughts have been cleverly manufactured and twisted by an industry that makes money by making people miserable; by making them hate their true self. The flyers you get in the mail proclaiming great gym membership rates for the new year, the commercials you see on TV especially those being supported by celebrities and the magazine ads that tell you only skinny people are worthy of being photographed are the reasons that people (women in particular) have “I hate my body”moments every single day every time they look in the mirror or see their reflection in a window.

We as a society and in particular the plus size women of the world must band together and say, “No More!”. We must stop the mad yo-yo dieting, the spending of money on diet programs (which by the way rarely give you lasting results) AND FOCUS INSTEAD ON SIMPLY LOVING OURSELVES UNCONDITIONALLY¬†AND WITHOUT JUDGEMENT! When we stop focusing on everything that is flawed and instead turn our attention to everything that is right, then we will see the person we are meant to be; it won’t be someone who needs to lose weight, someone who needs lap band surgery or liposuction to be beautiful.

You will see someone who is flawed but is accepting of those little imperfections. After all everyone is flawed. You don’t need to give anyone your hard earned money to make you different. You need to spend money on things that highlight your unique beauty; a new dress, a flattering haircut or a bold new hair colour. Maybe you should be rewarding your fabulous self with a trip to somewhere warm and exotic and flaunt those delightful curves in a cute, little bathing suit.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and Be a diet industry drop out! Stop letting someone else dictate how you feel about your body and think for yourself. Take charge and declare, “I am beautiful just the way I am!”.



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