Discrimination Has Many Faces

Discrimination has many faces and cannot be veiled by people feigning ignorance or blanketing their statements by, “I’m not racist but…” or ” I’m not discriminating but aren’t people fat because they can’t control what they eat?” or “She’s pretty for a fat chick.” or “I’m not racist but aren’t most black teenage boys part of a gang?” or “Aren’t you too old to wear that?” or “She’d be pretty if she lost some weight.” or “Too bad that kid’s in a wheelchair, he must hate his life.” and so on and so on…

How many times have you heard people make statements like that and in your head you’re thinking, no buts about it, you’re racist or you’re discriminating! You are discriminating when you are assuming a kid can’t be happy and live a productive life just because he/she is in a wheelchair. You are being racist when you say most black kids are in gangs; plenty of kids get lured into gang life regardless of race, colour, age or gender. They are the kids who believe street life is glamorous or they have no where else to go and no one to look out for them other than these so-called gang friends. You are discriminating by thinking that only skinny women can be pretty or that fat women are in a different category of pretty.

You are discriminating when you make judgements on people who you automatically think are too old, too young, too fat, too feminine, too dark, too handicapped. Your judgements are made before knowing who that person really is. You are basing your thinking on predisposed information from unreliable and incorrect sources; media, negative influence of others around you, maybe one time experiences that have forever unjustly coloured your views.

People need to open their  eyes and accept that everyone is different from themselves and that’s okay. Yes, there are some good and bad people but looks, gender, race or colour does not determine what kind of person they are. Weight does not determine if a person is attractive or healthy. These surface qualities do not make the person. The person is made of what is inside them and every person is different. Their measure of kindness, how they treat others, their determination, how they show love, what they accomplish despite hardship; these are the things that speak of what kind of person they are. If you know someone who has an unjust attitude, don’t keep the thoughts in your head, say them loud and clear, “That’s a racist/discriminating thing to say!”

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud; Accepting and Embracing of all kinds of people and help educate those who need to change their views and thinking! This is a task we must all be a part of to bring peace and harmony to our world!


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