All Kinds Of Body Positive

Being body positive is not just for the fat girls. Everyone needs to feel positive about their bodies. Everyone includes the young and the old; the tall and the short; the fat and the skinny; the woman or the man; the able body and the disabled; healthy and not so healthy; the mentally ill and the mentally strong; the so called “perfect” child or the child with Autism, Down Syndrome, heart defect; light or dark skin.

Being body positive is something everyone should strive to achieve. Your worth and value is not about what you look like, what gender you are or what you are capable or not capable of doing. Being body positive is about loving who you are whole heartedly and unconditionally. Being body positive is being aware of your flaws but being okay with them; accepting and embracing them. Being body positive is about how you show yourself to the world confidently and with the knowledge you are the best version of yourself you can be at this moment in time.

We need wider representation of body diversity in the media whether it be TV, movies, magazines or social media. There are all kinds of bodies in real life. Why can’t there be all kinds of real bodies in the make believe world or in the advertised world?

There are all kinds of body positive so no matter which category you fall into; gender, body size, mental capacity, age, skin colour or race, know that you are beautiful, worthy and valuable.

Be Pretty (Plus if you are), Proud and Body Positive no matter the flaws or imperfections; that’s just being human like everyone else. You are no less deserving of love and acceptance.


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