Where Does Your Worth Come From?

Where does your worth come from?

Your worth does not come from the number on the scale. It is not the number on the measuring tape or the size of your dress. Your worth does not come from the opinions and comments of other people. Your worth is not defined by the calorie count of your food, how much it weighs, how many points it costs you or how much or how little you eat. Your worth does not come from comparing yourself to others.

Your weight, how you look, what size you wear does not determine your success or your value in this world. It does not define how much you are needed. It does not define your health or happiness.

Your worth comes from within. It comes from being positive and confident in who you are. Your worth is defined by how you help others feel about themselves after they’ve been with you. Do you spread love, joy, peace and happiness? Those things make you worthy and valuable. Your worth is who you are as a person not what people see but by what people feel from being with you. 

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and know you are worthy!


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