I Like My Bling!

When you look at a Christmas tree decorated with twinkling lights and shiny ornaments don’t you just want to take a few moments to stand still and admire its beauty? That’s how I feel when I see a woman with her bling on.IMG_0258

Bracelet sets from Torrid

To me a woman’s look isn’t quite complete without something that glitters from her earlobes or some little bauble that accentuates the line of her neck. Jewellery is what pulls a whole look together. Jewellery tells me that the woman wanted to put extra care into her appearance that day and took the effort and time into finding those special earrings or stand-out statement necklace.


Necklaces from Torrid, earrings from Addition Elle

Accessories don’t have to be expensive. There’s tons of costume jewellery out there that does the job just fine. Who can afford real diamonds or pearls? Not many people I know and if you can, than can you put me on your Christmas list? Just kidding!


Necklace and ring from Torrid, earrings from Addition Elle

Anyone who knows me, knows I like big hoops the best but lately I’ve really been getting into the big necklaces and bracelet sets. If I go out the door without something on my ears I feel completely naked, exposed and just slightly off kilter. Having said all that, jewellery is like makeup or a great outfit, you don’t need it to be beautiful but it’s fun.


Skull necklace and stud earrings from Torrid, heart necklace from not sure (sorry, I’ve had that one awhile and can’t remember)

So enjoy the pictures throughout this post of some of my favourite jewellery pieces. I love my bling!


All earrings from Torrid

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and shiny like a Christmas tree for all to admire your striking and unique beauty!


Both necklaces from Torrid (I especially love the Barbie lipstick necklace!)


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