Self-Care In Action

In my first post on self-care at the beginning of the week I listed some things you could do to promote a healthy mind, spirit, body and emotional well being. So today I’m going to share some of my current favourite things that help me take care of me so I can then take care of my family more effectively. These are things I indulge in to keep my sanity when my daughter is trying to complete a project at the last minute and is begging for help, when my husband leaves a trail of receipts and bits of paper laying about instead of trashing them right away when he empties his pockets at the end of the day or when the dog is barking for no reason other than to perhaps annoy me and the rest of the neighbourhood.


Some of my favourite things for taking care of me: my book, my journal, my body wash for a bubble bath, my favourite scented candle at the moment, my colouring book and colouring pencils

  1. Current book I’m reading: The Choice by Nicholas Sparks
  2. Yoga video: Yoga Journal online free videos
  3. Scented candle: Bath and Body “Tis’ The Season”
  4. Body Wash for a bubble bath: Bath and Body “Dark Kiss”
  5. Favourite Evening TV shows: Law and Order, Criminal Minds, Murdoch Mysteries, American Idol
  6. Favourite Netflix shows: House and The 100
  7. Everyone who knows me knows I love to shop. No secrets there but it does make me happy!
  8. Writing whether in a journal or for this blog
  9. Lunching out with friends
  10. Word search puzzles
  11. Colouring
  12. Going for a drive in the country playing my current favourite CD by Johnny Reid


Love my Johnny!

What do you do to unwind, relax, get away and self-care? Share with me and maybe I’ll have something new to try out!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and healthy in every possible way. Put yourself first and by doing so you’ll show people how valuable you are to yourself and them!



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