My Favourite Scents

Happy new day! Continuing with the theme of self-care, I’m going to share with you some of my favourite body scents. I know not everyone is into perfumes and some of you may even be allergic but for those of you who don’t fall into these categories I hope that my list of favourites might inspire you to try something new.


  1. Bath and Body Works Cherry Blossom: an exotic, seductive, floral scent inspired by the gardens of Japan

For me, I’m not fully dressed without a spritz of something pretty. Smelling nice helps me feel pretty and confident. I love layering my scents by starting with a body wash and finishing with a matching lotion, body spray and/or perfume.


2. A sophisticated scent from Mary Kay

You may not think people notice how you smell but here’s a funny story to prove you wrong: I was going through security at the airport a few years ago and as I went through, the guard (a male) commented on how nice I smelled. It kind of caught me off guard and my first thought was “creepy” but I smiled and thanked him. Afterwards I got to thinking that what else are nice smells for but to hopefully illicit compliments so now when I think of that story I remember that guard fondly and think how nice he was to notice and let me know how lovely I smelled.


3. Bath and Body Works sparkling lemon, golden sunflower and amber wood

Scents give the world a hint of what kind of a woman you are; sexy bombshell, simple country girl, sophisticated city woman, playful or shy. Smelling nice will help you feel good about yourself. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and strut your beautiful self leaving a trail of an enticing scent behind you! 


4. A light floral scent from Torrid; perfect little rollerball size for your purse

What are your favourite scents? Share and maybe I’ll be inspired to try something new!


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