A Love Letter To Me

Dear Ena:

You are beautiful! You’re not always nice to yourself and you should be! You should be telling yourself each and every day how wonderful you are. You should be waking up every morning grateful for another day in which you can spread your incredible charm and talents. Don’t shake your head no, for your talents are many and your charm is undeniable. You are kind, generous, gentle, friendly, inspiring, loving and caring. You are creative, smart, helpful, strong, loyal and faithful. You are a wonderful wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. You have curves that clothing hugs in all the right places to make you a sexy and desirable woman.

You’re not perfect; you have flaws but that’s okay. No one is perfect; that’s what’s called being human so don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s okay if you leave the dirty dishes by the sink once in a while. It’s okay if your house is a little dusty. It’s okay if you choose a bag of chips over a celery stick every now and then. What matters is the time you spend with family and friends. What matters is you are doing things that you enjoy, for life is too short to spend it with your hands wrapped around a broom handle 24/7.

Other people love you just as you are so why shouldn’t you love yourself? Treat yourself the way you treat others; with respect and devotion.

You, my dear, are a woman of wonder; a woman who this world would be less bright without. Get down on your knees every day and thank God for the masterful creation of you!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and own it girlfriend!

Love Me xxoo   

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner I challenge everyone to write a love letter to themselves. Than ask someone you love to write one to you too. Don’t wait for them to do it on their own; take charge. Mail the letters to yourself so you receive something nice from the post other than bills.  Put both letters in frames and hang them close to your bed so you wake up every morning with the reminder of how lucky this world is to have you.

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? Dinner, a movie, a romantic walk in the country, a drive, a weekend getaway, spa treatments, cozy night in by the fire, single girls’ night out or a quiet night to yourself? Share your plans and give everyone some ideas!


Enjoy every moment – you can’t get past moments back.


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