Me and My Style

When I was a plump teenager there definitely weren’t the style options there are today for the curvy girls. That’s a hard pill to swallow for a teenage girl wanting to fit in with her peers and the popular crowd when it comes to fashion. As a teen I also didn’t possess the confidence I do today to want to stand out and be unique in my style. Back then I just wanted to blend in. I suspect that’s still true of today’s young people. It’s hard to put yourself out there and embrace being different. Hopefully with the growth of the body positive movement, being perfectly imperfect will become the accepted normal instead of being perfectly stick thin. Hopefully young people will gain the courage to be okay with loving themselves with whatever physical body, strengths, weaknesses, talents, thoughts, likes, dislikes, sexual orientation or religion they may be.


If you’re an “old” lady like me I hope with age you’ve also gained wisdom, knowledge, confidence, acceptance and a love of who you are and are excited about being your own unique kind of beauty. I hope you’ve found a style that speaks to you and helps define who you are as a person whether its romantic, trendy, edgy or relaxed. Or maybe you’ve learned that fashion and style aren’t important to you at all and that’s okay too. The point is to just be comfortable and happy in your own skin. What you put on to cover it is just the icing on the cake.


Personally, I love fashion! I love clothes and am glad there are retailers out there who are starting to realize that there is a whole demographic of women who have been left out of the fashion industry. I’m happy to see stores like Torrid, Addition Elle and Penningtons who specifically cater to the plus size woman. A curvy girl can walk into any one of these stores and be confident she’ll get the expert advice from people who are familiar with the specific needs of an hourglass figure. She knows she’ll walk out of the store feeling happy with a bag in hand full of goodies and a few less dollars in her wallet.


What’s your style? Are you a girly girl who likes frills and bows; an edgy girl who likes leather jackets; a trendy girl who enjoys all the latest styles or a relaxed woman who’s most comfortable in leggings and an oversize sweater?

Whatever you choose to dress your body in, Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and strut your stuff knowing you look good girl!



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