Words Do Hurt Me

You’re fat. You’re ugly. You’re disgusting. You’re stupid. You’re not good enough.

These are words people and women in particular say to themselves every day. They say it looking at themselves in the mirror, when they see their reflection in a window, when they compare themselves to other women. They hear it from the media every time a commercial comes on TV encouraging people to try some new diet program. We’re told we won’t look good in that slinky dress unless we wear a Spanx under it. The seamstress says if you lost a bit of weight that zipper might go up better. A bride is shopping for a wedding dress and she’s asked if she’s going to lose weight before the big day.

Would you say these things to your best friend, to a loved one or even a stranger in the dressing room next to you? I certainly wouldn’t! Why then is it ok to say these things to ourselves? The fact is, it’s not ok! I am beautiful just as I am and so are you! I don’t compare myself to anyone because the truth of it is that everyone is different and uniquely beautiful. I am a diet industry dropout because I no longer want to use my time counting calories, weighing and measuring my food and being angry at myself because I gave in to that chocolate bar. I refuse to wear control top underwear because I like to breath and be comfortable. I no longer will give my money to any retailer or seamstress who feels I need to drop a few pounds to look good in the clothes I choose to buy.

Who’s going to join me in being kind and respectful to yourself? Who’s going to treat themselves the same way they treat others, with dignity and love?

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and be nice to you!


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