Blogger Recognition Award


I was nominated for this award by Codie from Reader’s Anonymous so thank you very much for the recognition and honour. Check out Codie’s blog for great reading selections if you’re looking for something new. I’m not very knowledgeable about linking and doing everything I’m supposed to do as requested by this nomination but I’ll do my best.

First: Why I Started A Blog

My family and I were returning from summer holidays and I was feeling rather sad as I always do leaving my home province and family. Also, while I was super excited for my daughter to be starting high school, I was also feeling a little displaced. I know growing up and away from your parents is the natural course of life but she’s my one and only and it seems she went so quickly from being my baby to being a young lady. The Fall also means my husband is back to work as he’s a teacher so that time of year signals the end of constant time with family and moves into more solitude time for me. Many mothers heave a sigh of relief when school starts up but not I. With all this going on I decided I needed to do something; take on a project that would fill my hours and bring me a sense of purpose. Thus my blog was born. It combines two of my passions; writing and helping others on a journey of self acceptance and self love, something I’ve been working on for myself. It has truly been a rewarding and humbling experience. I’ve received so much positive feed back that it gave me the confidence to branch out into YouTube and starting a Body Positive Support Group. I feel honoured to have the opportunity to help people improve their self esteem.

Second: Advice to New Bloggers

I’m certainly no expert and have lots yet to learn myself but one thing I would say to anyone thinking of starting a blog is, just do it! Don’t do it for fame, recognition or financial reward. Do it because writing is something you are passionate about. The subject is something you love and want to share.  It’s as simple as that. Where it goes or how far it spreads is up to you but you are in charge of its destiny.

Third: Blogs I Recommend

Travelling fashionista

A Maple Girl

The Ninth Life

Matt and His Cats

The Coffee Kitty


All of these blogs are fabulous and are worth your attention!

(Check out the blog Edge of Night for full contest rules.)

Thanks again for the nomination, to everyone who has chosen to follow my blog and leave such encouraging comments. You, the readers, keep me going on this path I’ve chosen to take. I want everyone to know how very happy this “little” project has made me!

As always, Be Pretty, Plus and Proud!








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