What would happen if you stopped doubting and started believing? If you believed in yourself would you get that dream job you’ve been wanting since forever? Would believing in yourself give you the courage to apply to the university that’s at the top of your list of choices instead of the bottom? Maybe if you believed in yourself you’d walk right up to the cute guy at work or school, introduce yourself and ask him out for a coffee.

Believing in yourself is not something limited to the skinny, to the most beautiful, to the smartest or most talented. It is not exclusive to the most rich or the people of a certain, race, colour or gender. Believing in yourself comes from deep within. It is knowing that despite hardships, difficult circumstances or how you are perceived by others, you are a capable, talented, creative, strong, valuable and a beautiful human being.

Believing in yourself means that you can do anything you set your mind to despite what others might say you can’t do. Belief can supersede everything and everyone else. There will be those who oppose you. There will be times that seem like nothing is going your way despite your best efforts. Do not give up! Do not begin to doubt! Do not lose faith or stop believing! These obstacles will only make you stronger and make the win that much more sweet.

Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable. Your belief will carry you to places unimaginable; through a life that is extraordinary and above and beyond your wildest dreams. Isn’t that worth it? Doubt no longer but dig deep and find the courage to believe!

Be Pretty, Plus, Proud and Believe!


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