A Bad Day Gets Better

I had a bad day yesterday. Nothing horrendous happened; just my usual lack of sleep (a.k.a. insomnia) which got the best of me. I was tired, totally lacking any energy or enthusiasm to do anything including shopping (that’s when you know it’s bad). I sat on the couch, flipping between the TV and the computer trying to muster some pep to do something productive and it just didn’t happen. Instead I cried, than prayed, than texted my hubby, than had a diet coke (yes I know it’s bad for me) and finally threw some decent clothes on to go out to tutor.

You know what happened? While helping this little boy try to read, spell and write I started to feel just a little bit better. Then he said he liked coming to see me and my heart started to swell. Then he produced a hockey card; he said give it to my husband because my husband had given him a hockey card. That little gesture helped thaw out my bad mood even more. By the time our session ended I felt like I had accomplished something after all; that the day hadn’t been totally wasted wallowing in self-pity.

So I guess the lesson is that even when life isn’t going the way you want; when you’re having a bad day look for someone who needs you. Seek out a way you can be of service to someone. Helping people and feeling useful lifts your mood from the basement right up to the attic. Think about the needs of someone else and your own needs go out of focus even just for a little while.

I ended the day better than it started and I’m hopeful tomorrow will be better. Prayer, helping others and a little ice cream (yes, it’s okay to indulge in comfort food once in a while) will do wonders to turn your frown up side down.

Going to bed last night I kept this thought in my head: I’m Pretty, Plus and Proud and grateful I found a way to smile today!

P.S.: I went to bed at 9:30 last night, fell asleep right away and stayed asleep for a solid 6 hours (a minor miracle for me). I woke up at 3:30 and tossed around the rest of the night but for me that was a good night so yay!


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