You Are Not Here To Be Looked At

Where did the idea come from that people are on this earth to be judged, to be looked at and criticized? Who gave anyone the right to look at people and decide what is “normal” or acceptable or even desirable? Who decided that you are an object to be looked at; that you exist for the viewing pleasure of others?

You exist to be happy. You exist simply for your pleasure. You are not an object but a human who has the right to live any way you choose at any size you choose. You can choose blond hair or black. You can choose a chocolate bar or an orange. You can choose to go for a walk or read a book. Your body is not an excuse for others to find fault. Your body is here to let you live; live any way YOU choose.

So pay no attention to those who make it their business to be in your business. Ignore the judgemental, the critical, the mean and the negative. It is not their right to make your body or your very existence an object or point of public opinion.

Simply wake up each morning and enjoy being alive in the body you have; flawed yes, but still beautiful and all yours to own.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and tell everyone else your body is none of their business! Tell them if they don’t like what they’re looking at, look somewhere else because you’re not changing the view to make them feel better!

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