Let’s Have Some Fun!

Did you read my last post? I hope so because I’m putting out a challenge for you. One reader guessed which outfit I bought so thanks to Codie (check out her blog Reader’s Anonymous) for taking the time to follow my blog and leave a comment. I bought the last outfit with the sand washed denim and British flag coloured skull sweater.

The challenge you ask? Which outfit should I buy next? I still have Haute cash left (spend $50, get $25 off) so I’m thinking definitely another pair of jeans. I like the distressed look but I’ll need to go down a size I think. The ones I tried on in the picture are a sixteen and while I don’t like things too tight in the waist they might have been a bit baggy in the front. They also came in a dark wash. So do I need a smaller size? Dark wash or light? Which sweater?

Give me your opinion and I’ll let you know whose advice I decide to follow. This is a good opportunity to get a little advertising for your blog!

Here are the pics again for you to choose from (you can mix and match stuff from different pics):

Picture #1


Picture #2


Picture #3


Would you choose to wear any of these style? 

Thanks for your comments!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and Fashionable!



4 thoughts on “Let’s Have Some Fun!

  1. Codie says:

    #2 If that’s a heart, I’d go with that one. I LOVE sweaters like that and the jeans are a nice color. Thanks for the mention 😀


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