Torrid Shopping!

I took a little trip to my absolute favourite store in the entire world (if you’ve been following me on YouTube you know how obsessed I am with this store). Included with this post are some pictures of different outfits I tried on. If you’ve never been to a Torrid store or had the pleasure of trying their stuff you really must go take a look either in person or online. Torrid offers the plus size woman with trendy, fashionable and comfortable clothing that shows off your curves in all the right ways. Some people say that Torrid is expensive but my take on this is that they’re no more expensive than other plus size clothing retailers here in Canada. They offer good sales and styles that simply are not sold anywhere else. I like that they offer petite sizing in most of their jeans as I’m only 5 ft. 1 inch. I like the colours, patterns and styles from casual to dressy. There is something for everyone! Enjoy the pictures!

Which outfit do you like the best? Can you guess which one I bought?

 (1) Striped black and white sweater with exposed zipper in back (#10456472), destructed boyfriend jean (10433335)

(2) Blue sweater with striped heart (10456733), cropped boyfriend jeans (10459818)

(3) Striped black and white sweater with skull elbow patches (10475008), jeans same as pic #2

(4) Sweater from #3 showing skull elbow patch

(5) Black sweater with centre skull in British flag design (10423101), same jeans from Pics 2 and 3. Sitting because I’m tired from all the trying on, lol!



6 thoughts on “Torrid Shopping!

  1. Codie says:

    I’m thinking the last outfit because that shirt is awesome. I’ve actually never heard of this store, but I did check out the website and the clothes are awesome! I didn’t know plus size started at 12 – I’m a 10-12 depending on the store, so I’ll probably be checking out some stuff from here. Oh, totally random, but that dressing room is amazing 😀 Love the outfits.


    • rfdumais says:

      Thanks Codie for reading and leaving a comment! You’re right I did buy the last outfit! The sweater was a bit big but it was the last one left in clearance so I snatched it up! The dressing rooms are fantastic! They have rotating fans on the wall you can turn on if you get hot trying stuff on and there’s tons of room with a bench, leopard print rug and chandeliers. If you do end up buying something you’ll be good with a size 0. You should check out some of my Torrid videos on YouTube! Thanks again!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Codie says:

        Yay! That was actually my favorite one, and at least you can get it taken in. That’s what I do for things on clearance that I just cannot give up. But those dressing rooms are awesome, it’s so spacious and comfy-looking, and a chic style. Size 0? That will be the FIRST time these legs have ever seen that number lol. I’ll do that! What’s your Channel name?


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