Be The Butterfly

Think for a moment everything a butterfly has to go through to be beautiful. It starts as the fuzzy caterpillar; small, furry, kind of icky with all the crawly legs. It has to wrap itself up and hide from the world before its ready to emerge and show the world its makeover.

Sometimes humans go through a similar process. We have to live through the awkward stage of being a teenager trying to figure our way in the world where the pressure to be skinny, beautiful, a super model is all too real and keenly felt by young women especially. Many days are spent hiding from the world wanting solitude over friendship. That’s the icky stage. Then we grow, we mature, gain our confidence, find our way with the love and support of our friends and family. We emerge into the beautiful butterfly, ready to soar and show the world our talents, our value, our contributions, our creations and yes, our own unique beauty.

So next time someone doubts you, showers you with negativity let them know you are the butterfly and like the butterfly you too have emerged from a coccoon and are your own blueprint of beauty.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and soar like a butterfly!


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