You Are A Victor!

If you walk through your life with shoulders slumped, head hanging low, feet shuffling along the ground and a grimace on your lips, what do you think will happen? Who will you attract? The answer is nothing or no one good. Negativity attracts negativity. If you expect nothing than nothing happens. If your glass is half full no one will want to fill it. You can not accomplish anything in life if you walk through it avoiding anything or anyone who has the potential to be a light in your life.

You were not created to be average. No matter what size you are, what gender you are, your colour or race, religion or where you are from, you were created to live a life of abundance. You were meant to overflow with peace, love, acceptance, joy and success. 

No matter if your circumstances in this moment are not ideal, not where you want to be in life, you must hold your head high, push your shoulders back and live a life of expectancy. Know and believe these circumstances are not permanent and with the right attitude anything can change. With a victor mentality you can accomplish great things; a life of wonder and opportunities beyond your wildest dreams can be yours.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and most of all Be A Victor not a victim! The opportunities are waiting if you hold out your hands to receive them!


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