How Do You Own The Skin You’re In?

How do you own the skin you’re in? I saw this question on Facebook and thought I would pose it to you, my readers. To me, owning the skin you’re in means accepting, embracing and loving yourself.

Here’s how I would answer that question further:

  • I focus on the things I love about myself.
  • I don’t compare myself to anyone else.
  • I know that no one is perfect so I accept my flaws.
  • I focus on achievements and talents that have nothing to do with how I look.
  • I dress the skin I’m in with care so people know I am proud of my body and want to show it off.
  • I care for my body as best as I can but knowing that a treat now and then will not hurt me.
  • I treat others with respect and kindness as my personality is more important than my looks.
  • I surround myself with people who love, respect and support me unconditionally. I have no room for negativity in my life or for anyone who makes me feel bad about myself.
  • I acknowledge that I am a child of God and He does not make mistakes. I am made in His image and that is beautiful!

How do you own the skin you’re in?

I am Pretty, Plus and Proud to be in my skin!


4 thoughts on “How Do You Own The Skin You’re In?

  1. Codie says:

    I actually have a skin condition (I have no idea what the dermatologist said it was), which is like my skin is different colors. Some are splotches and others are sprinkles, personally I struggled with this for many years until I felt comfortable, literally, in my own skin. Great post


    • rfdumais says:

      Thanks for sharing a personal story. Everyone has an issue we feel insecure or uncomfortable with. It’s a journey to be accepting of your flaws and appreciating your uniqueness. That’s when a person’s beauty shines! You, I’m sure are a very beautiful person!

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