My Own Definition Of Beauty

Another quote from Facebook, “I found I was more confident when I stopped trying to be someone else’s definition of beauty and started being my own.” 

This is so true for me! Since starting this blog I find I walk with my head a little higher, a smile more ready on my face and I’m not afraid to share my opinions, thoughts, beliefs and ideas. Helping other plus size women see their beauty and worth has helped me see it in myself as well. I no longer feel the need or desire to be anything other than what I am; a beautiful, confident and yes, a plus size woman. I’m not embarrassed or ashamed of my body and its size. I’ve come to accept, embrace and love it. It’s not perfect but it’s good enough for me.

I have my own definition of beauty. Maybe it’s not the same as your definition or what magazines, TV and social media think is beautiful but frankly I don’t really care and it doesn’t matter to me. All that matters is how I feel about my body and I feel BEAUTIFUL! 

If you’re a plus size woman who has been looking to others for a definition of beauty it’s time you stopped looking elsewhere; look in the mirror and see beauty staring at you right in the face!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and your own definition of beauty!




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