New Year’s Resolutions?

Anyone making resolutions for the New Year? Anyone really plan on keeping them?

Every year millions of people make promises to themselves that they’ll quit smoking, drink less, eat less “bad” food, lose weight, exercise more, work less, spend more time with friends and family, save more money, etc. How much time goes by before these promises are quickly forgotten and we return to our old habits?

How about this year we simply promise to live life as happily as we can knowing that we will mess up from time to time and be okay with that? Be okay with eating “bad” food from time to time; be okay with missing a session or two at the gym; be okay with the occasional shopping spree; be okay with a wee bit of alcohol.

Live happily, be kind to others, give yourself a break every now and then. Love yourself unconditionally like you do for everyone else close to you. Why do you deserve any less than what you give to others?

My New Year’s resolutions? Keep writing and keep smiling!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud in the year 2016!


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