Christmas Challenge Day 12

What am I most Grateful For This Christmas?

I am grateful for my loving husband who is my best friend, my true soul mate. I would be lost without him. He’s a caring, kind, gentle and loving husband and father.

I am grateful for my daughter Emily. God truly blessed me with an angel from heaven. While she’s certainly not perfect and we’ve had our fair share of arguments I know that she’s a good girl who is capable of great things. She’s helpful around the house, is a great cook (which is very good since I don’t particularly like to cook), she works hard at her schoolwork, is good to her friends, she’s strong, brave, smart, beautiful and I love her with all my heart!

I am grateful for the love and support of my sister. Together we get through life’s challenges. We can laugh and cry together and in her I know I have a forever friend.

I am grateful for the health of both my Dad and my Father in-law and am happy they are here on this earth to celebrate another Christmas season.

I am grateful for my extended family (cousins) who helped my sister and I through an emotional year. Their support lets me know I am never alone with whatever life throws our way.

I am grateful for the love and support of so many friends both near and far that make life a joy to live. They accept me, encourage me, forgive my wrongs and applaud my successes. I thank them for never giving up on me.

I  am grateful for a wonderful in-law family who have always embraced me as part of the family. They often make me laugh and see the humour on dark days. They brought music into my life, games and fun.

I am grateful for the unconditional love of my fur baby, Maggie. She gives me puppy kisses when I’m in need of a little love and her happy face at the door when I come home makes coming home something to look forward to.

I am grateful for my cozy home, my stable health, the food on my table, the steady pay in our bank account, the safety of our great country Canada, for being able to see the sun rise every day and knowing at the end of the day at sunset that it has been a good, full day.

There is much to be grateful for and I know I am blessed beyond measure!

What are you most grateful for this Christmas? What blessings have been bestowed upon you this year of 2015? Remember no matter how difficult things may seem there is always something to be thankful for. Look for it, find it and give thanks.


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