Christmas Challenge Day 11

Favourite Childhood Present:

My sister and I were into Barbie and when I say into Barbie I mean obsessed. Of course our favourite childhood Christmas presents always included anything Barbie. I fondly remember Dad spending Christmas mornings putting together Barbie houses or cars, or campers or furniture, patiently sorting through the tons of excess packaging and finding all the little parts that when put together became part of our next Barbie imagination play session.  Not sure if my Dad remembers those moments quite so fondly. Having a daughter who also loved her Barbie I now know the frustration of Christmas morning putting those little pieces together to make something that looked and worked the way it should. Ahh, good times, lol!

Now my favourite gift is simply being with the people I love; that everyone I hold most dear is healthy, happy and safe. (Of course a little gift card to my favourite store, Torrid, wouldn’t be turned down, lol again).

What was your favourite gift as a child or now as an adult?

Whatever it may be, I hope Santa finds his way to your home (as long as you were nice this year; if you were naughty than you’re out of luck)!


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