Decide For Yourself

When you were young the adults around you made your decisions. They told you what to eat, what time to go to bed, who you could or could not play with. They picked your school, your clothes, your haircut. They said when you had to come in at night and probably had a great deal to say about who you were to become; a doctor, a teacher, a mechanic, a lawyer.

Now as an adult,  it is you who should be making the decisions for yourself. You should be choosing who to date, how late to stay up at night, what kind of job you want to do, what you want to wear, or how to cut your hair.

It is you who decides whether you want to eat the ice cream or the apple. It is you who decides whether to go to the gym today or sleep in instead. It is you who decides to bare your arms in sleeveless tops whether you have flabby arms or toned ones. It is you who chooses to wear shorts whether you have cellulite or not. It is you who chooses to bare your cleavage or wear a turtleneck.

Do not let society or ignorant people make decisions for you. If you’ve heard it a thousand times that fat girls shouldn’t wear mini skirts than make the thousand and one time the moment you choose not to listen and wear the mini skirt.

Listen to the voice in your head not the voices of others. Be Pretty, Plus, Proud and have enough confidence in yourself to decide for yourself!

What radical decision will you make for yourself today? Personally, I’m going to  wear a crop sweater and I’m going to rock it!


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