Christmas Challenge Day 9

Who will be sitting next to me at Christmas dinner?

This is my first year ever hosting Christmas dinner so I’m a little nervous but excited too. I’ll be sharing this momentous occasion with my husband and daughter of course. Like every other special holiday meal I’ll be happy to be surrounded by my sister in-law, her husband and two children. That’s it for this year, just seven of us, which is good for my debut turkey cooking experience.

I’ll miss the people who aren’t there that I wish could be but because of distance, health concerns or alternate plans made, they won’t be at my table Christmas day; my sister and husband, my Dad, my Father in-law, my other sister in-law and her husband, my brother in-law and family and even my brother who I’ve been estranged from for a while now. They will be with me in my heart and prayers. Likewise, my Mother and Mother in-law who will be spending another Christmas with Jesus in heaven. Miss them every day but they are most keenly missed on special days like Christmas.

Who will you be sharing Christmas dinner with? I hope that everyone has someone special to share a meal with on Christmas day!

Enjoy every bite!



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