Holiday Support

The holidays can bring mixed emotions. For some people it’s the happiest time of the year; visiting family and friends, the decorating, the beauty of twinkling lights, gift giving, yummy food. For others, Christmas may be more difficult; maybe loved ones are too far away to be with or someone special is no longer with you on this earth making this special day lonely. Others might be struggling financially making it hard to treat friends and families with presents or even a meal.

For plus size people, Christmas may bring about different problems. Everyone has that one relative who you don’t see often but they feel the need to give an opinion or make some comment about your weight or appearance. Maybe they’re the one at the dinner table that remarks on or questions the portion sizes on your plate or on the fact you went for seconds, “Are you sure you should eat that much dear?”.

Before even arriving at the door or sitting down to dinner remember that their unsupportive opinions does not define your worth. How they treat you does not define who you are or what you can accomplish in life. So when they say, “Are you sure you should eat that much dear?”, your answer should be, “I wouldn’t take it if I didn’t think I could eat it and yes I should and will and enjoy every single bite!”.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and enjoy every single bite!


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