Christmas Challenge Day 6

A fond childhood Christmas memory:

I’ve already shared a few good Christmas memories in previous Christmas posts. I guess I would have to say my fondest memories always include family, the people I spent Christmas with rather than the things I got.

My first big move away from home was difficult so the time between September (when I left) and December (when I returned for my first visit back) seemed like the longest stretch of time ever. I couldn’t wait to get off that plane and feel the love of family again. That short two-week Christmas holiday in my childhood home, surrounded by the people I held closest to my heart, gave me the strength I needed to leave again and go back to work, teaching my first little group of students.

That was a good Christmas because it showed me the value of the relationships I had left behind when I moved and made me appreciate their role in my life when prior to moving I guess I had simply taken them for granted.

Do you have any special Christmas memories you’d like to share?

Today I won’t nominate anyone as we’re all busy doing our own Christmas last-minute preparations and I don’t want to burden anyone with yet another thing to add to the to do list. Simply share if you want to.

Enjoy the last few hours to the big day and Merry Christmas!


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