Day 4 Christmas Challenge

Today the challenge is to share a Christmas story. Not sure if this is meant to be true life or made up but I’m choosing true life.

When I was a child, my sister and I shared a room on the second level of our house. My brother’s room was on the main floor. Not sure how this tradition got started but our goal every Christmas morning was to see who could wake up first and splash the other with cold water. It was a bit of an unfair fight for two reasons; 1) my sister and I were a team while my brother worked alone so I guess you could say we ganged up on him and 2) don’t feel too sorry for him as he was closer to a water source as there was no bathroom on the second level.

He would often be waiting for us at the bottom of the steps hiding behind the front entrance closet door so we were often opening gifts in wet pajamas. However, there were a few times we managed to get him early before he even woke up so I’d say he had his share of a wet bed Christmas morning.

Oh the good old days bring back fond memories, lol!

Do you have a Christmas story to share?

Today I nominate:

  1. Travelling Fashionista
  2. A Maple Girl
  3. Being Margaret

Good luck and Merry Christmas!



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