Day 2 Christmas Challenge

Today’s challenge requests I write about my favourite Christmas traditions, new or old.

Old traditions:

  1. When I was a child my father took me and my siblings into the real woods where he grew up to cut down our Christmas tree. Along the way into the forest we would see animal tracks which dad would say were bears but we knew he was teasing; they were rabbits (I hope, lol). He would pick the gum off the evergreen trees and chew it saying this is what kids in his day had for chewing gum; no juicy fruit in those days (The spruce gum was awful!). We’d eventually find the perfect tree, cut it down, haul it out of the woods and tie it to the top of the car and proudly bring it home to Mom.
  2. On Christmas Eve we were allowed to open the Christmas parcel from my Grandparents in Manitoba. This is a tradition I’ve kept up with my daughter, allowing her to open present from family in Nova Scotia.

New Traditions:

  1. Since becoming part of my husband’s family I’ve adopted  some of their traditions one being on Christmas Eve we have our French meat pies and before everyone disperses to their own homes we read the story “The Night Before Christmas”.
  2. Christmas dinner always includes the whole family getting together at someone’s house (usually one of my sister in-laws’ homes but this year I’m taking it on).

What are some of your favourite Christmas traditions?

Today I nominate:

  • Matt’s Cats
  • Coffee Kitty
  • The Curly and the Straight

Good luck and Merry Christmas to all!


2 thoughts on “Day 2 Christmas Challenge

  1. Janet says:

    I LOVE Christmas traditions. Being married for 39 yrs. I have to say cooking the Pote, a traditional French Acadian meal made with a heavy bread dough lining a roaster and meat consisting of rabbit pork and possibly other wild meat and then covered in bread dough and cooked for hours. We eat this Christmas Eve. So delicious…


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