Be Amazing

“If you’re always trying to be normal, you’ll never know how amazing you can be!”  Maya Angelou

Love this quote! So many people try so hard to “fit in” that they never get the chance to discover how wonderfully unique they are. This seems especially true for young people but applies to anyone who felt or still feels that they were or are different from what society has deemed to be “normal”.

Why is being “normal” something to strive for? Why be “normal” when you could be extraordinary? Extraordinary people are the ones who find cures for diseases, raise money for the poor, fly to the moon, discover lost civilizations, adopt orphan children, lead nations, take care of the needy, share music with the world, perform on stage. They are also the ones who despite their own troubles, care for their families, help their friends, volunteer their time, share whatever they have,  be it a lot or a little.

Being special and standing out from the crowd is what you want to be. You want to be remembered for the amazing things you accomplished and the lives your uniqueness touched and had an effect on. This is the legacy you want to leave for your children, family and friends. Being “normal” means being forgotten.

Everyone has the ability to be amazing no matter their size, colour, race, religion, lifestyle, abilities or disabilities,  so be brave, step out and live a life worthy of remembering.  Don’t waste it by being “normal”.  Be Pretty, Plus, Proud and Amazing!

What amazing, unique qualities are you sharing with the world?


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