Be Kind

Not everyone thinks the same thoughts. Not everyone has the same opinions. Your likes are someone else’s dislikes. You like chocolate pudding, someone else prefers butterscotch. You like a little meat on your bones, someone else prefers to workout 24/7 to be thin.

No two people on this planet are the same. The thing the human race has forgotten is how to be kind. We’ve forgotten how to be tolerant and accepting of the differences between us. Many of us have become mean, suspicious, greedy, selfish and very unkind. If you are one of these kind of people, shame on you! What makes you think you have any right to judge people, especially someone you don’t know? You do not know their struggles or circumstances that have brought them to this point in their life. We all have our own set of demons we have to do battle with so do not look down your nose at someone because of their size, colour, race, religion, or lifestyle.

If you are the person who is supportive, understanding, tolerant, kind and chooses to look for the good in people know matter how different from you they might be than you are one of the good guys and I applaud you. Keep up the good work and spread the love no matter what resistance you may come up against!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud but most of all Be Kind!


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