Curvy and Delicious

Any guy who likes a curvy girl is very lucky indeed! There’s more of us to squeeze, cuddle with and hug. We’re sexy and have shapes that make men drool when we sashay down the street. We  walk swinging our sexy hips with that devilish smile on our lips knowing our bodies have secrets waiting to be discovered.

Our cleavage hints at what can be found underneath. We are passionate, loving, caring, creative, intelligent, and are more than a match for anyone who loves us back. Skinny girls don’t hold a candle to our big and beautiful selves.

Watch out world for we are on our way to finally being recognized and appreciated for everything wonderful we offer to anyone willing to take the time to get to know us rather than harshly judging our size as being less than perfect; of not being worthy to exist on this planet.

We curvy and delicious women are claiming our place and fighting back to be allowed to exist happily and peacefully without ridicule!

We are Adorable, Curvy, Delicious, Kissable, Pretty, Plus and Proud and unstoppable! 

Don’t you agree?


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