You Are Enough

“You are enough! You are so enough it’s unbelievable how enough you are!” I saw this quote by SWAK (a plus size retailer) on Facebook and I loved it so much I thought I would use it as inspiration for this post.

I’ve said it before but I don’t think it can ever be said too much how enough you are just as you are; whether you are plus size or not; whether you can walk or are in a wheelchair; whether you are a lawyer or a cashier; whether you are attracted to the same sex or opposite; whether you are male or female; whether you are light or dark skin; whether you are from Canada or Africa.

You are enough! You never have to be anyone other than who you are right now in this moment. You do not have to change, conform or become anything you don’t want to be or what anyone else thinks you should be. You don’t have to be anyone other than yourself. You don’t have to listen or accept negative opinions or comments about yourself from society, family or so called friends. The only thing you have to do is stop listening to those who want to change you. You must distance yourself from those who make you feel bad about yourself or make you question whether you are good enough. They are toxic and do not deserve your time or attention. Let them go. Do not look at fashion magazines or watch TV shows that make you compare yourself to models or movie stars. They are not reality. They have been photoshopped and worn down to become who they are because of the life path they have chosen for themselves. They are not the norm or average person walking around you.

You are good enough. Believe it and never doubt it. Stand Pretty, Plus and Proud!



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