Finally Friday once again!

Being a plus size woman I’ve had my fair share of ridicule, bullying, name calling, unfair treatment whether it be at school, a job, amongst “friends”, in shops or restaurants.  At the time it happens it’s natural to react with hurt, anger, sadness and maybe even with thoughts of revenge.

However, now that I’m a wee bit older and wiser I try hard to practice forgiveness. I try to imagine what makes a person treat me badly. Maybe they’re feeling insecure so to make themselves feel better they feel the need to make someone else feel bad. Maybe they’re just having a rotten day and find it hard to muster kindness when they’re upset or angry over circumstances contributing to their bad mood. Maybe they’re simply unaware of how their attitudes and unkind words come across or how it makes the recipient feel or how offended you are.  Sometimes it’s good to let people know how their behaviour affects you and sometimes it’s just best to let it go. Only you can be the judge of what to do when.

In the long run though it’s best to forgive. Holding onto anger only serves to drag you down. Forgiveness doesn’t excuse their behaviour but it opens you up to freedom. It allows you to be open to love. Forgiveness demonstrates that you are of good moral character. It doesn’t mean you are a doormat. If the same person continues to hurt you it’s time to cut them loose from your life and move on. Everyone we meet is in our lives for a reason. Some are part of our circle for only a short time and when their role in our lives comes to an end it’s okay to say good bye. Other people are more long term and have a continual presence throughout our life.

Remember no one is above forgiveness including ourselves. There will come a time when we are in need of being forgiven for a wrong and hope that the person we’ve offended turns the other cheek and chooses to give us another chance.

Be Pretty, Plus, Proud, Kind and Forgiving and you will be living  a life worthy of love and one that is headed in the right direction. 

Is there someone in your life you need to forgive in order to heal yourself and move on?


4 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. Janet says:

    Yes Ena I believe that all people at some point in time deal with some sort of Nasty coment from someone but being plus size likely more so. But forgiveness is what we all need to practice.


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