Be Unique

Being unique is a good thing! You might be skinny or fat, short or tall, blond or brunette. You might have blue eyes or green or brown. You might have small feet, narrow feet, wide feet or big feet. Maybe you’re really good at running or playing sports. Maybe you like to create art or music. Do you like adventure or prefer to stay at home? Do you love learning new things or are you content with what you already know? Are you happily married or glad you’re single?

Whatever you are, you are unique and that is a good thing! Who wants to live in a world of clones where everyone is exactly the same? How are we to grow, evolve or stand out if we’re all the same? How could we tell one person from another? Standing out, being different is good! It makes everyone special for their own unique reasons.

Don’t hide or run away from your uniqueness! Embrace it, accept it and learn to love it! You were created this way. You have a purpose in this life exactly as you are. Maybe you haven’t discovered that purpose yet but it does exist and is worth finding. You have a role to play on this planet, people to meet and things you were meant to do. Only you can fulfill that destiny.

So Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of your unique and special you! Don’t change a thing if you don’t want to and don’t let the opinions of others change who you are or what you are meant to do in this little thing called your life!


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