Perfectly Imperfect

Living your life as best you can is good enough. You don’t need to be a superhero or perfect. We are only human and are not designed to be perfect. We are created with our own unique set of flaws, quirks, talents, personalities. The choices and decisions we make shape who we are.

We can choose to be kind and compassionate or mean and selfish. We can choose to accept the flaws in others knowing we ourselves are flawed as well or we can criticize and pass judgement forgetting our imperfections.  We can choose to forgive the mistakes others make against us remembering times when we too asked for forgiveness or we can be harsh and remain angry, resentful, bitter and perhaps one day have to live with regret.

If only the world was filled with more love, awareness and acceptance of the differences found amongst the human race. If that were true, imagine what could be accomplished! People could work together in harmony side by side happily making sure everyone had a happy home, a full belly, a safe refuge, a peaceful existence, confidence in themselves and opportunities for success no matter their size, colour, capabilities, age, race.

We could live our lives happily and perfectly imperfect and that would be more than okay. We could be Pretty, Plus and Proud without anyone trying to tell us that’s not the way we should be! 

What choice did you make today to spread the love?



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