Admire Someone Else’s Beauty

Everyone is an original. No two are alike. We are all unique and special. We all offer different talents, perspectives, outlooks, opinions and personality traits to the world we live in and the life we have created. We are all beautiful and each of us should strive to acknowledge our beauty and shout from the roof tops how truly wonderful we are.

While admiring your own beautiful self it is okay to appreciate someone else’s beauty. Admiring someone else shouldn’t diminish your own beauty or make you question it. The woman sitting across from you at the coffee shop may have a slim body and it’s okay to think she’s attractive. That doesn’t mean you’re unattractive. The young girl at the movie ticket counter may have smooth, wrinkle free skin that you envy but your skin is what wraps up a beautiful package called you. Admire or envy but do not negate yourself. Maybe your hairstylist has long golden locks that any woman would love to have. That doesn’t mean your own crown of glory is not envied as well.

It is okay to compliment or admire someone else’s fine looks. In doing so you may make someone’s day a little brighter, boost their confidence or put a smile on their face where there wasn’t one before. When you do this your beauty shines even brighter. Giving compliments or admiration to others doesn’t take anything away from yourself.

So spread the love and Be even more Pretty, Plus and Proud for your thoughtful gesture makes you even more beautiful!

Who did you admire today? Did you let them know they were admired?


2 thoughts on “Admire Someone Else’s Beauty

  1. Codie says:

    I agree! Too many times I’ve heard people say bad things about someone’s looks because they’re jealous of their beauty instead of complimenting them. It’s really sad since everyone has insecurities, just like we have our own.


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