Choose Happy

Good morning! Welcome to Monday!

I know, not everyone’s favourite day of the week. Who wants to get up early, rush around trying to get ready and out the door to a job you have to do that takes you away from your cozy bed, your family, your dog? Who enjoys trying to figure out what to put in the lunch boxes, what to wear that’s clean and doesn’t need ironing and what to take out of the freezer for dinner later that evening? All of this is bound to make Monday a day of dread and make you feel unhappy, even downright cranky!

On days like this I try to focus on the positive. Maybe the sun is shining so pop in some favourite music or an audio book to make that commute to work a little more pleasant. It’s always a good idea to get an outfit together the night before and your lunch ready so you’re not rushing to  make those choices in the morning. Then you’re less likely to exit the door with mismatched socks or shoes and a lunch of chips and a can of pop. How about taking something out of the freezer the night before so it’s ready to pop into the slow cooker in the morning? Then you can walk into the door at the end of a long, hard day at work to the smell of something delicious and ready to eat. My sister in-law often makes a big pot of soup or chilli on Sundays to warm up for suppers during the week.

The point is that there are things we can choose to do to make Monday or any day of the week a little easier to handle. Before you know it, Friday rolls around and you can enjoy the time off with a solid plan in your head that gets you through the week until the next Friday.

On this Monday I choose to be happy. I’m thankful for another day I was able to get out of my bed. My world is safe, healthy, and joyful. What more could I want or need? Today I happily choose to Be Pretty, Plus and Proud!

What are you doing on this Monday to help you choose to be happy?



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