Art Project

Happy Friday once again!

Today at my Body Positive Support Group meeting I assigned the ladies a little art project. I asked them to draw a picture of themselves to the best of their abilities including curves, lumps and bumps. After drawing the body outline they had to draw in their facial features, hair, favourite outfit, jewellery, etc. I provided stickers, crayons and markers to use for decorating their artwork.

After the drawing was done part two was to write positive words around the drawing to describe themselves; their outer and inner qualities. We surrounded ourselves with words of love! Then we passed our drawings around  to write positive affirmations for each other.

The activity proved to be a very empowering and feel good experience. When I look at my drawing and read the words written by myself and the members it’s a visual reminder of the wonderful person I am (not to toot my own horn, lol). It’s something I can post in a place in my house that I can look at daily and remind myself that my size is not what defines me or makes me special. I am so much more than my size.

So take a trip to your local dollar store for some art supplies and get busy. Invite friends and family to share their positive thoughts about you and surround yourself with love! 

Hang the image of your lovely self in a special place for all to admire and Be Pretty, Plus and Proud!

What positive affirmations would you write about yourself?


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