Take Care

It’s easy at this time of year, with Christmas parties, shopping and general holiday merriment, to get overwhelmed and burned out. So it’s important to take time for yourself to unwind, relax and rest. The last thing anyone needs at this time of year is to get sick from stress. Preferably it’s good to find a few minutes each day to sit and calm your mind. If not every day, try for a couple days a week to do something special for yourself.

Last week I took time to get my nails done. I love that time to sit in a beautiful spa like atmosphere amongst women chatting and relaxing. Today I went and got my hair cut, coloured and highlighted. Yes it’s a bit pricey but aren’t we girls worth it? A woman’s got to spoil herself a little!

On the weekend I went on a budget friendly shopping trip to Value Village (a second hand store that carries everything; clothes, shoes, purses, home decor, furniture). It was 50% off day so I found 4 sweaters and a purse for just over $20.

I have a friend who treated herself to an adult colouring book and high quality colouring pencils. Adult colouring books are becoming quite popular and are a great way to deal with anxiety and stress.

Whatever you choose to do for yourself (yoga, sitting with a cup of tea, reading a good book, going for a walk, getting a massage) never feel guilty about taking time for yourself. Your health and well being should be top priority otherwise nothing will get accomplished the way you plan if you burn out or get ill.

So how will you take care of yourself this week to maintain your Pretty, Plus and Proud self?



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