My Favourite Things

Keeping the topic a little lighter today by sharing with you a list of some of my favourite things; things that make me happy, that bring a smile to my face and make me feel all warm and cozy inside. Enjoy!

Some of my favourite things are:

  1. scented candles especially spicy scents like cinnamon or apple cider
  2. lavender scented bubble bath
  3. country music
  4. crisp fall air
  5. pretty nails
  6. country decorating magazines like Country Sampler or Country Living
  7. drives in the country
  8. puppy kisses
  9. old pictures of family
  10. lilacs and roses
  11. a cozy sweater
  12. fuzzy socks
  13. flannel pjs
  14. a fire burning in the fireplace
  15. hoop earrings
  16. lipgloss
  17. stars
  18. twinkle lights on the Christmas tree
  19. presents wrapped up pretty with bows
  20. quilts
  21. antique anything
  22. a good book
  23. poetry
  24. suspenseful movie
  25. popcorn

What are some of your favourite things that make you smile?




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