I normally don’t post on weekends but in light of the recent tragedy in Paris i felt the need to say a few words.

My prayers and deepest sympathy are sent for all those affected by the horrible events that transpired in Paris. Events such as these only serve to remind me how truly fragile life can be and that at any moment your life can be taken from you be it illness, accident or the actions of evil. Going back to yesterday’s blog about moments, enjoy the moments of your life because those moments can be all too fleeting. 

Be grateful for all that you have been blessed with in your life; a roof over your head, a loving family, food on your table, friends who love and support you, the clean air you breathe, the safety and freedom of the place you live. These are gifts and should not be taken for granted.

Be humble for your blessings and pray for those not as fortunate as yourself. Do not always want for more or focus on what you lack or don’t like about yourself or your life. Your glass is full and you should not envy the glasses of others. Yes, we all have troubles but many of us focus on troubles not really that bad in the grand scheme of things.

Enjoy your weekend with the thought in your mind that somewhere, someone is not net nearly as lucky as you.


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