Life is made up of moments; moments in time you never have the opportunity to get back or do over.

There’s the moments spent with your children; watching them grow, playing with them, sending them to school, watching their christmas plays, waving from the door as they go on first dates, graduations, moving away from home the first time, getting married, having children of their own.

There’s the moments spent with your significant other; holding hands on walks, laughing at the movies, enjoying the sunsets, planning a life with, travelling, caring for each other in old age.

There’s the moments spent with friends; dinners out, movie nights, sharing stories of love, trials and tribulations.

There are so many moments that make up a wonderful life lived. Do you want to waste moments worrying about how much you weigh, what you look like? Do you let moments slip away because you cared too much about how that dress made your butt look big? Step away from the scale! Lift your eyes away from the image in the mirror you don’t like. Look at the moments waiting to happen that will bring you joy. Only then will you be living a life that is already far too short without wasting the moments.

What moments are you excited for now that you’re not concentrating on your “flaws”?

Hope your weekend is filled with many special moments!


2 thoughts on “Moments

  1. Pam at micrapol says:

    I enjoy moments with my Mum who at 84 is beginning to succumb to the ravages of age. I realize how lucky I am to have her in my life still and how, despite the difficulties she’s facing, she continues to keep a positive outlook and always enjoys a good laugh. In spending time with women in their twilight years I notice that the memories they cherish are of family and friends. They look back with such joy and love. Never once has any of them said to me that they wished they’d been thinner or taller or more beautiful. Apparently real clarity can be gained in our old age. I just hope more of us find it sooner.


    • rfdumais says:

      Wonderful comment! I think I’m discovering now how important the moments are as my father is 87 and has dementia so time with him is precious while he still knows who I am. My father in law is the same and my teenage daughter has grown up so fast that moments with her are fewer as she spends more time with friends. Definitely as I look back there are times i was too focused on superficial things. Thankfully I’m more focused on the things that count like time spent with friends and family! Thank you for reading and providing such a thoughtful and personal response!


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