Place Value Where It belongs

As plus size women we too often overvalue or undervalue who we are.

We overvalue thin people thinking they are more beautiful, more successful, more worthy of love and attention. We overvalue the fact that we may not be pretty enough, smart enough, succesful enough, strong enough. We overvalue other people’s perception of who we are. We overvalue people’s opinions on what we do, what we look like, the choices we make, the things we say. We overvalue other people’s views on how we live of our life.

We undervalue the contributions we make to our communities. We undervalue our role in our families as wives, mothers, sisters and daughters. We undervalue our talents, our beauty, our strengths, our beliefs, our opinions. We undervalue our importance and vital presence in the lives of those we love. We undervalue the love we receive thinking ourselves undeserving.

It is time to accept and embrace who we are. It is time to accept and embrace our value as human beings created by God’s loving hands. It is time to place value on ourselves so that others too can come to realize our value in their lives. How can we expect others to value us when we don’t value ourselves?

We are worthy, we are valuable and we are Pretty, Plus and Proud!

I challenge you to name at least 3 ways in which you see value in yourself!


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