Never Apologize

I think generally many people can be difficult to please. Everywhere you go you will meet people who think they have a right to an opinion on your personal affairs. You will never be able to please everyone whether they are strangers, friends or family. To someone you’ll inevitably be too big, too small, too loud, too quiet, too tall, too short, too pretty or not pretty enough, too much makeup or not enough, too trendy, too old-fashioned and the list could go on.

The key here is to remember that everyone has flaws as that’s what it is to be human. To change who you are because or for those who dare to criticize or offer an opinion when it’s not asked for, will cause you to lose the person you were born to be.

It is ultimately an individual choice to alter something about yourself whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. The change should be based on your own opinions of yourself but not based on what others think they know or have a right to comment on.

Whether you choose to make changes or stay beautifully as you are right now, never apologize for who you are. You are not a mistake or an experiment gone horribly wrong. You are exactly the person you were meant to be and that is not something that warrants an apology. You have done nothing wrong. You are living your life, making your way in this world, carving a path and travelling a journey just like everyone else. That is not something to be sorry for but rather  to be celebrated.

You are beautiful, talented and worthy of everything you have or dream of receiving so go forth Pretty, Plus and Proud and never, ever apologize!


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