Happy Monday! Hope everyone enjoyed a great weekend!

People often ask me,”Why did you want to start a blog and Body Positive Support group?”. I found this quote on Pinterest yesterday and it totally summarizes my intentions.  “I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say, because of you I didn’t give up.” 

So many women, plus size or not, live everyday feeling unworthy, not loveable, not good enough, unsupported, ashamed, embarrassed about their bodies. Every woman has moments in a day when they judge themselves critically, whether it’s their looks, their abilities, their intentions, their thoughts. Women have so few places to go to openly discuss what they see as their shortcomings. They don’t have a safe place where their fears, sadness, anger, doubts are heard without judgement. Slowly that is changing as more women, in particular plus size women, are speaking up and saying, “No more!”. Plus size women are learning to face the world with pride and are refusing to be judged by their size or the number on the scale.

With my blog and support group I hope that I am helping in that movement. I hope even one woman will feel better about herself with what I have to say. If that is true then I will feel like I have contributed something good to this world.

Together with each others’ support we can be Be Pretty, Plus and Proud!


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