I Am Not A Before Picture!

You see it all the time in magazines, TV shows, Facebook and all forms of social media; the before picture! A woman decides she needs to diet so someone takes her picture before she starts and then when she’s finished so she can see the big difference! She can see how much better she looks without all the fat covering her up; hiding her beauty.

Wrong! All she sees is a different view of someone who was beautiful before but didn’t know it. A  picture of a fat woman is not a “before picture”. It is a picture of a beautiful, curvy, sexy woman. Does she need a diet? Maybe, if her doctor thinks so and she chooses it for herself but she is no less beautiful before and no more beautiful after.

She is simply beautiful! 

I Am Not A Before Picture. I Am The Now and Forever Picture!  I Am The Pretty, Plus and Proud Picture!

Your thoughts?


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