What Does Plus Size Mean To You?

There’s been a lot of talk recently on social media in particular about whether the term “plus size” is politically correct. Is the label detrimental to the self-esteem of women or an accurate description label that helps us define who we are to the world?

Some comments being made by popular plus size bloggers and models say it helps us as a community of curvy women find each other. The term help us in our search for clothing that is fashionable and still fits our curves well. The term identifies us in the same way as saying someone has red hair, dark skin or freckles.

Other opinions differ saying no one should be labelled by their size; that it’s not the same as saying someone has red hair or green eyes. It is felt that the term is isolating particularly when we have to shop at a separate store or section of a store to find clothes that fit our shapely figures.

What is your opinion?

Personally I like the fact that there are speciality stores like Torrid, Addition Elle and Penningtons that cater to the plus size woman. The sales consultants are mostly curvy women themselves so they know what flatters different body shapes and sizes. I feel comfortable shopping amongst women similar to me in size. I feel like part of a special community where we can help each other and compliment each other’s choices. In many ways it becomes a support system; a confirmation that we are beautiful despite what general society might say.

I don’t feel being labelled plus size is any different from being called skinny. It is who I am. I own and accept it. I am learning to be confident and happy with the term and the glorious body it describes!

How do you describe your body? What labels do you like or not like?

I’m leaving you with my closing comment with a slight switch in words, “Be Plus, Pretty and Proud!”.


2 thoughts on “What Does Plus Size Mean To You?

  1. Pam at micrapol says:

    A clothing store needs to identify itself in a way that potential customers know what to expect to find there. “14+” or “plus size” are both terms that speak that message. I shop in those stores and I appreciate the clarity. No point searching racks of clothes that don’t come in my size!
    That said, I don’t really label myself as “plus size” – nor do I label myself as a “size 9 shoe” or a “size 8 ring”.
    I’m so happy that there are so many more body-positive messages out there and a growing sense of self-acceptance. I love that women seem to be actively working to build each other up rather than being judgmental and destructive to one another. That’s a serious PLUS!


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