What Would You Bring?

I saw this question on Facebook a few days ago and thought to myself that question makes for good writing so:

If you knew you were going to get stuck on a deserted island what 3 things would you bring?

My answer:

  1. My journal and pen – To record all I see, hear, smell, taste and touch in a tropical land of the beautiful unknown and because I love to write. Besides what else would you do on a deserted island? No TV, radio or cell phones!
  2. A cot – I hate sleeping on the ground. Anyone who’s had the unfortunate experience to camp with me knows what I’m talking about. I once crawled out of a tent saying these words, “Camping is for barbarians and if God meant for us to sleep in a tent he wouldn’t have given us the knowledge to build houses.”
  3. A way to get back home – I would love the peace and solitude for a while but I would miss the loving arms of my family too much to stay away too long if I had a choice.

And your answers would be?

Remember wherever you are, deserted island, city street or country farm, Be Pretty, Plus and Proud!


4 thoughts on “What Would You Bring?

  1. Pam at micrapol says:

    I love your answers! (clever girl, saying you want a way back home!). I think I’d take a computer loaded with all the books I’ve always wanted to read (with a solar power source), a camera (with solar power recharger) and radio so I can get a ride home when I’m ready to return!


  2. Deanna says:

    Great question and thoughtful answers! I would bring a net to catch small fish that skim near the shore line, matches and my family and friends. With friends and family, I could root myself anywhere. ❤️


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