Do You Hate Chubby Babies?

What do people want to see, a chubby baby or a skinny baby? Chubby right? They’re cuter, look healthier, you feel like they’re thriving when they have a few rolls and pinchable cheeks.

What about cats, dogs, bunnies? We like them fat and furry. What about your husband/partner? Would you love them any less if they gained a few pounds? Do you choose not to hang out with a friend if they’ve gained weight? Do you disown your children if they’re not skinny? For me the answer is no.

Why then are we so hard on ourselves? Do you think others love you less because you’re not a size two? Do friends stop hanging out with you if you’re not as slim as your high school days? Do your children stop wanting your attention because you’re not the size of a runway model? I hope the answer is no. If friends do shun you because of your size, you need better friends! If your husband is ashamed of your size you need marriage counselling or a divorce. No one has the right to judge you by the size of your clothes or the number on a scale. If your children are disrespecting your shape they need a timeout and loss of privileges. You brought them into this world so show them how they should treat you!

There will be rude people everywhere you go. The solution is how you react to them. Personally rude people don’t deserve my attention and get ignored. Some people can react with humour. Others are more direct and offer an equally insulting comment back. Whatever way you choose to deal with people who think they have a say in how you look is up to you. Remember this though; they too have flaws. They’re bullies. They choose to bring you down because they don’t like something in themselves. Don’t give them the satisfaction of believing the nasty things they say.

You are beautiful! Know it and believe it to be true! Don’t let anyone tell you different! Be Pretty, Plus and Proud!

How do you deal with criticism or rude comments?


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